Viral Fashion Brands on TikTok You Need on Your Radar

You know Abercrombie. You know Aritzia. You absolutely know Levi’s. And unless you’ve been living under a rock—or have resisted hopping on the TikTok bandwagon (impressive)—you probably also know that these brands are straight-up viral on the platform. But it’s more than just old-school labels staking a claim on TikTok. Gen Z influencers are also lifting smaller brands like Cider and Mirror Palais up from their relatively unknown statuses and right onto the FYPs of millions of users.

Because the TikTok hype is real—and discovering new labels provides for genuine entertainment at this point—we’re sharing 29 viral fashion brands on TikTok that you and your algorithm need on your radar right now. Let the scrolling begin.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Thousands of millennials had Abercrombie hoodies and tees crowding their tween closets (guilty). But the brand once known for its dimly lit stores and excess use of cologne has grown from its triggering past to become more style- and size-inclusive. The #Abercrombie hashtag has over 250 million views on the app right now, with TikTok influencers compiling try-on hauls featuring its Curve Love denim line, figure-hugging dresses, and best-selling loungewear.

Amazon Fashion

As loyal Amazon shoppers, we’re not surprised to see Gen Z folks snagging some of their best pieces on Amazon, including Y2K accessories, designer dupes, worth-it basics, and more. The corset below is one example; it’s got over 3 billion (!) views on TikTok, thanks to users’ en masse jumping on the corset trend with this $30 pick.


You probably grew up wearing Converse—you might even be wearing a pair right now—but that doesn’t mean the brand won’t cross your For You Page at some point. Creators on the app love to show off their Converse collections consisting of old-school Chuck Taylor’s, platforms, and the now infamous Run Star Hike kicks.


If you thought Ugg’s popularity peaked in the early aughts, think again. Ever since the brand introduced the Ultra Minis—an ankle version of its classic shearling calf-length boots—people have been capital-O obsessed with the brand’s plush footwear. (Videos for how to style the Ultra Mini in particular have hit nearly 90 million views on TikTok). Other notable highlights from the brand include the Fluff Yeah slide (a favorite of Hailey Bieber), the Tasman X (spotted this winter on Irina Shayk), the Coquettes (Addison Rae’s go-to).

Alo Yoga

You know the brand’s yoga leggings (Alo’s own TikTok account has over 262,000 loyal followers), but its flirty tennis skirt nearly broke the internet last year—that and maybe the fact that Alo also signed on Kendall Jenner as brand ambassador. Creators love to show off the brand’s signature workout sets on different body types in #aloyogahauls, making it much easier for you to shop for your own picks—and to see just how cute all the colors look IRL.


Aritzia’s Melina pants should have a TikTok account of their own at this point because there’s rarely a day they don’t make an appearance on someone’s FYP. Gen Z’ers can’t get enough of these straight-leg faux leather pants, which come in 27 colors, and in short, regular, and tall inseams. (Aritzia’s truly giving the people what they want.) The brand’s best-selling puffer jacket—available in a too-many-to-count number of colors and fits—is also the stuff of legends.


The Lululemon hype just won’t quit. The brand’s beloved leggings, bike shorts, and sports bras are a mainstay on the app, appearing in hundreds of millions of try-on hauls and workout videos.

Girlfriend Collective

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Girlfriend Collective changed the athleisure game. Using recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other waste, the direct-to-consumer brand is known for its size-inclusive leggings, unitards, and sports bras (sizes range from XXS to 6XL), with 37 million videos praising the clothes’ fit and feel in “realistic try-ons.”


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