Top 5 Educational Apps for Learning

The penetration of the mobile phone amongst the masses over the past few years has been incredible. It has become a powerful tool in order to propagate knowledge. Anyone with a thirst for knowledge can let out from the best possible sources in the world, hence widening his/her bandwidth of knowledge just by using an app sincerely. There is no age limit on learning something new. Due to the emergence of Information Technology and the speed at which information travels, a lot of people have an opportunity to access information from anywhere and anytime. Smartphones are now getting on the palms of everyone, and the accessibility to the internet is becoming easier by the hour. These factors give one a great platform to learn new things and come up with his/ her own creative and innovative ideas. A series of apps have come up over the past few years and are available for the Android Platform users on Google PlayStore.

1. Khan Academy

Backed by Bill Gates Khan Academy has been a pioneer in setting up Educational videos Online for free. From humble beginnings, Khan Academy has transformed itself maintaining the core of essence of providing quality informative and easy to understand the content. Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, Khan Academy has now become a go-to platform for all who want to get a brush-up and clear their basic concepts of Maths and Science. Studying History and Literature has also been made easy by Khan Academy. It is one of the best educational apps on Android.

2. Kahoot

Want to learn more about a certain topic along with a bunch of like-minded people and get help from people around the globe; you must try creating a Kahoot. Kahoot is a collection of questions on a specific topic created by a person who wants to know about that stuff, in particular; the person might be a student, businessman, teacher or just another Joe.This makes it one of the best educational apps for adults who are curious. The question is asked in real time to an unlimited number of people linked to the network, thus creating a social, and fun learning environment. One never knows the next big question can be answered by creating a Kahoot. Kahoot is available on the Android Platform.

3. Edmodo

Edmodo provides a platform for kids, teachers and parents to come up on one platform. This takes learning beyond classrooms. Edmodo enables one to make a collaborative effort to make learning easy. It connect the teacher with both the student and the parent , thus making it a perfect platform to encourage students to learn better, teacher to upgrade their skills and teach better and parent to keep a track on what their child is learning and can put in the required effort to help the kid to learn better. The Edmodo App is available in the Google Play store.

4. Google Classroom

Google has brought out this wonderful app out of their factory. This app called Google Classroom helps teachers save time, organize classes and connect well with the students. The problem of miscommunication can be solved if Google Classroom is put to use to its full potential. This has made it a favorite educational app amongst students. The Google Classroom App is safe and affordable and doesn’t share any student data with any third party. Google Classroom is slating to bring about a positive change in the way classes are conducted in schools.

5. EdX

One can get access to the free online courses offered by some of the world’s best universities on your phone. It has courses from over 70 Top class Universities and Institution. You get to learn more about the things you would like to learn from the best professors in the world and also the quizzes put up by the designers of the course will help you keep a track on your progress.


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