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The best educational games for kids are sometimes the games that don’t even seem like they are educational. The games are fun and engaging. Each player can make substantial choices throughout the game. The gameplay makes you think.

Kids and even adults become more engaged in games that have greater levels of choice than those that don’t. The holidays are a perfect time to take out board games that won’t make you bored, but engaged! We have put together a list of our top 5 educational games for kids that we love and think your family will too!

What you should look for when choosing educational games for kids:

  1. Think about the skills you would like to improve. For example, pattern recognition, communication skills, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, reading, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, math, and spelling.
  2. Can you play the game over many years? Will this be a game your kids will enjoy for years to come?
  3. Is this a game where kids have a choice or is everything a chance? Kids are more engaged when they can make choices.

Keep in mind that different educational games focus on different learning skills.

1. Quiddler

This is a great educational card game where you make words with the cards you are dealt. This is a great vocabulary and word-building game that can be a bit less daunting to play than Scrabble. Quiddler improves 10 areas of learning including spelling skills.

2. The Sentence Zone

The Sentence Zone is a sentence-building educational game where you get points for building sentences. Nouns are blue, and verbs are red. Every part of speech is color-coded and worth a different amount of points.

Younger kids work on just building a simple sentence, and with older kids, you can build complex sentences. It is much easier to understand the English language when you can visualize the parts of speech with colors.

3. Apples to Apples Junior

Improves 13 areas of learning including vocabulary and comparison skills. This game is great for drawing comparisons and associations.

4. Settlers of Catan

This is a family favorite of ours, and it has become quite popular across the world. There are even tournaments that play this game. This game is where you collect resources (wood, brick, wool, ore, and wheat), trade with your friends, and build roads and settlements.

5. Which Word Is It?

Get points for making words! This educational game makes you think as you put word parts together. Kids can see how different word parts can make different words. This game improves phonics, vocabulary, and word attack skills.

You can get this printable card game in our Reading Program or our Spelling Program. Don’t like printing? We also include games in the print material box. This is just one of the games you will get in our programs’ reading and spelling curriculum for 3rd to 8th grade.


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