4 Easy Steps to Get More Customers

One of the greatest challenges for culinary businesses is to attract customers’ attention. A busy restaurant is typically an attractive feature by itself, which is why various tricks are used so the restaurant becomes a hot topic or viral on social media.

A busy restaurant usually has an https://peraditasikmalaya.id/ attractive feature that is unique, funny, weird or something else that tickles the curiosity. The point is it invites customers with all kinds of surprises. But the most important thing is always the taste.

So, how do you get more customers into your restaurant? There are several tricks you can try:

Serving Instagrammable Interiors and Dishes

The look of a restaurant is just one thing customers pay attention to. Decorate the corners of your restaurant with something as unique as possible. For example, putting a birds’ nest chair or adding paintings on the wall. You can also hang posters with unique frames. As for the dishes, try to make them stand out. For example, Gado-gado is typically served on a plate, but can be served in small pieces on spoons instead. For certain recipes, add Bango Sweet Soy Sauce, which is trusted by chefs as it trickles easily into dishes and gives the dish a perfect glaze when photographed. When unique interiors and delicious looking dishes are uploaded onto social media, these will attract more customers to come in and soon you will have a busy restaurant.

Serving A Viral Menu

An innovative dish is something that often becomes viral. Start with a simple dessert like cheesecake. Try to bake a different cheesecake using unusual ingredients. Replace its sweet and savoury taste with sweet soy sauce. This unique menu can tickle the curiosity and invite customers to come in and potentially make it viral. Of course, use only sweet soy sauce made of natural ingredients without MSG such as Bango.

Make A Healthy Menu Appealing

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the food they eat. They want something delicious yet healthy. Thus, organic ingredients and non-MSG products are often seen as attractive, as well as natural ingredients without preservatives which includes seasoning and additives, such as sweet soy sauce used in bakmi or soto. Picking sweet soy sauce made of natural ingredients without preservatives or MSG is another plus for those who enjoy healthy food.

Becoming A Proud Modern Icon

Ever heard the saying “you haven’t visited that country if you haven’t eaten in a certain restaurant”? Or that the visit isn’t complete if you haven’t tried certain dishes that are a trademark of the region. For example, the taichan satay is one of the reasons people visit Senayan Jakarta, or Purwakarta for maranggi satay. You can also try making some of these iconic dishes. Try this sate tumpah which is a fusion of taichan satay and Bogor fried tauge. Who knows, this could be the new creation that puts your restaurant or region on the map to fulfil your dream of a busy restaurant. Give it a try today!


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